Interior Design vs Architectural Engineering: What’s the Difference?

Feb 15, 2022 | Blog, Architectural Design, Interior Design

Let’s take a look at the importance of design in commercial developments. Specifically, the difference between the roles of architectural engineering and interior design, both of which play a core role in bringing your vision to life and creating a final product that is functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. While many are aware of the importance of architecture and interior design, there can be confusion and conflation as to who does what, and how both teams work together to create a cohesive build.

The Krahn Group of Companies, in partnership with KG Interior Design and Larry Podhora Architecture Inc is pleased to offer comprehensive interior design and architectural consulting services that make it easy to build the perfect project. Learn more about the differences between interior design and architectural engineering below.

Same Goal, Different Hats

Any given development project will have multiple elements and teams that need to be involved in order to see things through to completion. While architectural engineering and interior design have very similar goals, and at times may even overlap, their overall premises and purpose are vastly different. A more detailed way of looking at both is as follows:

Architectural Engineering is involved with all stages of your build, including preliminary and schematic design, spatial and urban planning, ergonomics and a wide variety of other details that influence multiple aspects of project development from start to finish. Generally speaking, architectural engineering is the first stage for any project, as it provides you with a detailed overview of what to expect and what you will need in order to proceed with a quality development safely and efficiently.

In essence, your architect is there to design the fundamental details that will allow your vision to become a reality and provide a starting point for all other engineering and design disciplines that will become involved throughout the course of your project.

Interior Design, as the name indicates, is more concerned with components contained within the building itself. Despite there being a common misconception that interior designers simply make a space look “pretty”, there is much more technicality involved in their overall role. Though aesthetics are certainly a component that is considered when fleshing out your final product, interior designers are also concerned with making your space functional, safe, easy to navigate, and more. If architects design the skeleton of a build, interior designers help to create the flesh and muscle that give the space life, while also keeping the main objectives of your space in mind.

Together, the plans provided by a qualified architectural engineer [LINK] as well as an interior design team [LINK] will inform every other aspect of your build, from civil to mechanical engineering components, landscape design, and more.

Architectural Engineering and Interior Design Services With the Krahn Group of Companies

For over 35 years, the Krahn Group of Companies has proudly provided clients across Canada with access to leading design and engineering solutions through our partnerships with industry-leading teams such as KG Interior Design and Larry Podhora Architecture. With in-house access to a wide variety of design and engineering consultants, including civil, mechanical, structural and electrical engineering, landscape design and more, the Krahn Group of Companies makes it easy to build with confidence, one development at a time. Learn more about our extensive services by contacting us today.

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