What is the Value of Architectural Design?

May 25, 2022 | Architectural Design, Blog

Architectural design plays a key role in ensuring that your final building project embodies your functional, financial and aspirational goals. Far from being just an aesthetic-driven discipline, architects and architectural designers are crucial members of the overall build team and help to make sure that various other involved parties like structural and civil engineers, and other contractors, have the right information to move forward throughout the permitting and construction process. When done properly, elements of architecture seamlessly blend with all other aspects of the project design to create a strong, stylish, and long-lasting final product that meets all your projects objectives and stands the test of time.

At the Krahn Group of Companies (KGC), we know just how important it is to partner with the right teams for construction. That’s why we’re proud to partner with industry-leading practices like Larry Podhora Architecture Inc. (LPA) to ensure you have the support you need when it matters most. With offices located in Edmonton, Abbotsford, Vancouver and Toronto the LPA team brings nearly four decades of experience to each build, alongside streamlined in-house services designed to eliminate the inefficiency often caused by multiple “outside” teams and to help you streamline permits process and design development efficiencies.

Below, we’ll talk about just a few of the important details that architectural design covers during the development process. Read on to learn more!

Bringing Visions to Life, One Detail at a Time

Architects are true masterminds when it comes to bringing your vision to life; often in more ways than you might expect. While yes, your architect design team is concerned with making sure your building looks good, there are far more important details that fall under their scope right from the very start. From the earliest stages of concept and design, a skilled architecture team will focus on all necessary functional and process paths, which include:

Measurements and Details

In order to ensure an accurate design response, you need to have the right data in place to start with. Architects go to work to determine the scope, scale and necessary details required to bring your vision to life as quickly as possible. The drawings and calculations created by architects become a guiding framework for everything else throughout the build and make sure that all involved parties, including other engineers and contractors, know exactly what’s required, as well as what hazards they may need to work around as they build.

Flow and Function

Once the basic parameters are set in place for your design, the next level of consideration is creating a space that’s functional and easy to navigate. Whether you’re building a retail space that needs to be easy for both staff and customers to navigate or an office building that can house several different types of layouts for tenants, there are countless details your architectural design team will incorporate to create a custom fit that works perfectly for your purposes.

Structural Sustainability

Architects don’t just design with today in mind, they build for the future. When designing a new building or retrofitting an existing structure, your team will not only ensure that everything is up to current codes but also has the right features and components to last for many years to come. Sustainable design has become one of the most prevalent focuses in both architecture and interior design over the past few decades, and skilled professionals seek to ensure that each build is built to adapt as the world continues to change.

Financial/Cost Accountability

While most architects would be thrilled to have the chance to create the best project to create a project with unlimited time, resources and money, a good architect will take into account the overall budget of the project design. From initial design costs, to the products required to achieve the projects overall look and feel, architects should strive to be aligned with their clients financial goals.

Process Management

In order to achieve the clients ideal design, it is imperative that an architect can handle the process management of a project. Whether a simple departmental process, or a complex multi company process, architects understand that when a process breaks down, the project is at a higher risk to fail. At LPA and KGC, we have decades of experience keeping processes on track, and projects efficient.

Technical Expertise

Most of the above can be applied to a large variety of careers in many different disciplines. What makes an architect stand out is the technical expertise of the practice or individual. To help guarantee your visions success, you need to ensure that the architect bringing your project to life has experience with the types of projects you are completing. For example, a strip mall is very different from a multi-family residential building, yet a high amount of technical expertise should be applied to both.

Comfort and Aesthetics

Finally, as we mentioned above, it’s no secret that aesthetics are a hugely important part of architectural design. Making sure your building looks good, fits in (or stands out appropriately), and is comfortable to occupy are the finishing touches that truly help your project stand out, and above, the competition!

Design The Perfect Path Forward With KGC and LPA

When it comes to setting the foundation for success, architectural design is essential. The Krahn Group of Companies, in partnership with LPA Inc., are proud to offer you exceptional knowledge and support for your next development. From architectural design and development to having access to the KGC’s entire breadth of services including project management, civil, structural, and mechanical engineering and more, everything you need to succeed is here under one group you can trust. Whether you’re looking to build new or remodel for the future, our team of highly vetted industry professionals has you covered. Learn more about the benefits of working with the Krahn Group of Companies by contacting our team today.

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