Design for Success in 2023 with KGC and LPA

Apr 5, 2023 | Architectural Design, Blog

Build season for 2023 is almost here! Are you ready to get developing with the best partners possible? The Krahn Group of Companies, in partnership with the leading minds at Larry Podhora Architecture (LPA), are proud to give clients across Canada access to consolidated engineering services (civil, structural, electrical and more), as well as Architectural design assistance you can count on. With nearly 40 years of experience and offices located across Edmonton, Abbotsford, Vancouver and Toronto, we offer coast-to-coast coverage and experience that makes municipal, private, and public projects simple.

Below, we’ll take a quick look at the importance of architectural design in your build process and the benefits of partnering with LPA and KGC. Read on to learn more!

Not Just a Pretty “Face”

There’s a common misconception regarding architecture that assumes that the predominant role of architectural engineers is to design and build purely based on aesthetics. There’s certainly no contesting that looks do play a role in any project (as they should for maximum ROI), but there are far bigger concerns for an architect to handle.

Architectural design is focused on taking a holistic approach to design and implementation by analyzing and developing the key factors needed to safely and efficiently complete a structure. Architects work closely with all involved build teams, including fellow engineering consultants, to develop schematics and construction guidelines, as well as to oversee the build process and evaluate completed work. A skilled firm like LPA brings the advantage of years of experience and a diverse portfolio that makes it easy to customize and troubleshoot as needed and provides reliable documentation that helps you get investors on board and stay compliant with all relevant regulations.

Consolidated Consulting with KGC and LPA

One of the biggest challenges on any building project is coordinating and collaborating with multiple contractors. The Krahn Group of companies eliminates the constant headaches and delays caused by miscommunications by housing multiple disciplines under one roof. Instead of having to reach out to several different firms, you’ll gain the immediate benefits of partnering with a diverse team that has you covered from every angle. From new developments to rezoning and more, the Krahn Group of Companies is here to provide architectural design and engineering assistance that you can count on, for fast, long-lasting results. Learn more about the benefits of working with the Krahn Group of Companies by contacting our team today.

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