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Apr 11, 2023 | Blog, Interior Design

Is your commercial space as timeless and as long-lasting as your building is? One of the lesser thought about elements of creating the perfect space is making sure that your interior design can remain flawless and comfortable for many years to come. Dated features and poorly maintained aesthetics don’t just downgrade your brand visually; they also pose unnecessary risks within the workplace. When in the early stages of property development, partnering with an experienced interior design firm like KD Interior Design can make it easy to design a space that has longevity and adaptation in mind from day one, saving you time, and money, and boosting your “curb profile” amongst consumers.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the key ways you can keep your commercial space timeless. Read on to learn more!

Why Future Thinking Matters

When most hear interior design, they tend to think of the “beauty” elements of of a finished project and aesthetic components that help give a room a distinct feel. While this certainly influences the interior design process, there is much more to consider when creating the perfect space. Skilled designers know how to incorporate structure and flow, and visual elements that keep an area warm, welcoming, and as functional as possible. They also know that the space must be able to adapt to the needs of a business over time and leave you with options to flex as needed. Thinking about “tomorrow” early on gives you the room to pivot when needed without facing extensive retrofits or repairs just to stay on top of emerging trends and standards. Key components to keep in mind when designing spaces for the future include:


Not every layout is suitable for the long term, especially if you’re developing a space intended to house multiple tenants or businesses for years to come. Creating a more universal space that can be adapted as necessary is a smart way to keep your building’s capabilities flexible and maximize your longterm ROI without missing out. Details in this regard may include more open features, sliding walls versus immovable structural features, and more.

Fixtures and Features

Your core fixtures and features should create an overall sense of balance and cohesion if you want a space that’s truly timeless and versatile. Rather than choosing harsh lighting or paint schemes, you’ll want to take a more understated approach that allows things to fit together effortlessly. While it’s certainly fine to have a few dedicated focal points to highlight your branding or to serve as a dramatic statement, remember that resale and rentable value often increases the more universal your design is.


Finally, just like layout, functionality is one of the most important parts of a long lasting design. This means that it’s crucial to create ergonomic spaces that make it easy to navigate and operate, even as companies grow and expand in the future. Interior design specialists know how to craft dedicated setups that allow your business and tenants to have the space they need to function optimally.

Interior Design With the Krahn Group of Companies

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