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Krahn is proud to showcase a diverse portfolio of projects. We’ve had the privilege of working with incredible clients from a wide range of sectors across Canada.

Featured Projects

Lordco Auto Parts

  • Project: Lordco Auto Parts Head Office and Warehouse
  • Location: 1515 & 1491 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam, BC
  • Description: The new head office and warehouse for Lordco Auto Parts. The project was constructed of tilt-up concrete walls and structural steel and features a 3-storey office area.
  • Scale: Approximately 355,000 sq. ft.
  • Client: Conwest Group
  • Status: Under construction

Westland Professional Centre

  • Project: Westland Professional Centre
  • Location: 2752 Sunridge Way NE, Calgary, AB
  • Description: A 3-storey general office building and medical centre that was completed out of structural steel and cast-in-place concrete. The building was constructed on top of a 24,000 sq ft suspended slab parkade.
  • Scale: Approximately 74,000 sq. ft.
  • Client: Satcha Investment Ltd.
  • Status: Completed 2018

Gill Estates

  • Project: Gill Estates Apartment Complex
  • Location: 480 Crystallina Nera Drive, Edmonton, AB
  • Description: A complex consisting of two, four-storey wood frame apartment buildings with a total of 213 units. The larger apartment building has 115 units and was constructed on a slab-on-grade, while the smaller apartment building has 98 units over top of a suspended slab parkade of approximately 98 cars.
  • Scale: Approximately 222,000 sq. ft.
  • Client: Satcha Investment Ltd.
  • Status: Completed 2019

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