Commercial Landscape Design: What You Need to Know

Sep 7, 2021 | Blog, Commercial Landscaping

Are you in the initial stages of developing plans for an upcoming commercial build? Before you sign on the dotted line with your project manager, you need to ensure one major detail is accounted for: landscape planning and design. With so many factors tied to the development of a building itself, landscape design can often be a neglected or hastily thrown together element. By failing to give your landscape the proper consideration, you not only put your property at risk for significant issues, including liability claims, down the line, but miss out on the opportunity to maximize your space and return on investment.

The Krahn Group of Companies, in partnership with KD Planning & Design, is pleased to offer our clients leading landscape design services in Alberta and British Columbia, as well as Arborist services within BC. Below, we’ll take a closer look at the importance of landscape design as well as the benefits of partnering with KD Planning & Design through the Krahn Group. Read on to learn more.

What is Landscape Design

When you think of building architecture, it’s common to directly associate the term with a physical structure itself both inside and out. While this is certainly one piece of the puzzle, when it comes to developing a property, it’s far from the only architectural aspect that needs to be considered. Landscape architecture refers to the design, planning, and management of any and all elements external elements on the land. The overall goal of landscape architecture is to marry aesthetics and function to create a space that works for commercial enterprise on the property, as well as integrates with the surrounding framework and standards of the municipality for the benefit and safety of all involved.

What Does Landscape Design Encompass in Practice

As you can imagine based on the definition above, there are far more details involved in landscape architecture than one might expect. During the design process, a landscape architect will not only consider how to properly arrange and construct their final product, but will also need to factor in maintenance needs, the installation of irrigation systems, lighting, seasonal flora planting, safety features, municipal bylaws and regulations, and much more. These details all play a key role in ensuring your property is set for success upon project completion and remains up to standard for the many years to come. Core elements overseen by a landscape architect include:

Plants, Trees, and Grass

Assessing what kind of plants are best suited to the soil conditions found on your site, as well as what kind of sod and/or trees would do well and where. In addition to creating a pleasant visual effect that’s welcoming to guests, all elements need to be carefully executed in such a way that benefits the property in the long term and makes continual maintenance easy. Arborists should be brought in early on to consult on the planting and/or relocating of existing trees as needed.


Hardscaping refers to all non-living elements on the landscape, including walkways and sidewalks, parking lots, planters, water features, bike racks, fencing, retaining walls, and more. All hardscape elements need to function safely while also serving to elevate the overall aesthetic of the property.


Irrigation is a key issue both where safety and functionality are concerned. Drainage solutions are vital for avoiding erosion and flooding issues and help to sustain the natural elements on the landscape.


Outdoor lighting provides both ambience and safety, ensuring your property is not only visible to visitors but can be safely navigated with ease.


Creating a welcoming space for visitors extends well beyond the inner doors of your property. Adding furnishings such as benches, outdoor patios and seating areas, tables, trash cans, and more, makes your area far more inviting and likely to drive the foot traffic you desire.

Finding the Right Partner

With so many integral aspects involved in landscape architecture, the importance of finding the right team to partner with is crucial. KD Planning & Design is proud to offer exceptional architectural and arborist (BC only) services as well as unbeatable customer service and transparency through the entire design process. With a commitment to providing the best results for industrial and commercial clients, you can count on our team to partner alongside yours to create a space you’re sure to love. Learn more about how KD Planning & Design, in partnership with the Krahn Group of Companies can help you transform the landscape of your job site by contacting us today.