In the world of commercial development, both greenfield and brownfield projects present unique requirements where site evaluation and safety are concerned. While a lot of developers prefer to work with a greenfield job site, brownfield areas can offer developers unique benefits. With the right level of preparation and examination, the risks associated to either site can be established.

At the Krahn Group of Companies, we understand the importance of having access to engineering consulting and project management you can count on. With over 40 years of experience, Krahn is proud to offer our clients across Canada access to a comprehensive team of engineers spanning multiple disciplines including structural, civil, mechanical, and electrical engineering, building design, landscape design, and more. Whether you’re developing on a greenfield or a brownfield, we’re here to help you achieve your objective with confidence.

Learn more about the differences in developing greenfield and brownfield sites, as well as the benefits of partnering with the Krahn Group of Companies, below!

Greenfield Development

Greenfield land refers to a site that has never been built on or developed for human use, and the land is thus untouched and ready to be broken in. It comes as no surprise that most developers prefer to build on greenfield since it has limited costs associated with environmental remediation that might have affected your budget and schedule.

While the novelty of a greenfield development is certainly one of its higher selling points, it’s important to be aware of risks that only come up with a new space. For example, much of current-day greenfield space is located outside city core, possibly requiring infrastructure upgrades and additional foundation/topographical/geotechnical/environmental assessments, where brownfield sites have infrastructure and zoning requirements already established.

Core benefits to greenfield development can include:

  • Design flexibility for meeting project requirements
  • Opportunities to expand for future growth
  • Blank canvas
  • Marketing advantages
  • Construction timelines are less impacted
  • Less residential disruption and more!

Some of the risks that may need to be managed include:

  • Increased pollution
  • Environmental pressures
  • Larger carbon footprint
  • Infrastructure costs

In summary, breaking fresh ground is a fantastic way to leave your mark and give your development ample growth opportunity, but you’ll want to ensure a comprehensive site analysis is completed before proceeding so you have the necessary details to build properly.

From evaluating topography to figuring out electrical and mechanical utility details, structural analysis of your future build to meeting municipal standards, there’s no shortage of details to keep in mind. Partnering with the Krahn Group of Companies means you’ll have access to a wealth of knowledge and experienced professionals all under one roof.

Brownfield Development

Where greenfield projects deal with fresh, untouched land, brownfield development refers to projects that take place on an existing site that has abandoned, underutilized, or contaminated. Because of prior builds, there is a higher risk for soil contamination as well as potential structural or topographical risks, which can mean additional costs for developers. However, the main benefit of choosing an existing site typically comes down to location, bringing benefits such as:

  • Reducing sprawl and destruction of greenspaces
  • Contributes to the growth and redevelopment of a inner City.
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Less environmental impacts
  • Grants and other incentives to assist with improvements

Partnering with an experienced firm such as the Krahn Group of Companies, allows you to navigate and take advantage of the benefits that can come with developing on brownfield sites, mitigating the costs associated with risks such as:

  • Construction timelines
  • Cost overruns due to unexpected developments

These issues make it imperative to partner with a comprehensive consulting firm that can conduct a thorough investigation of the site and give you the information you need to present to investors, legislators, and your development team.

At Krahn, we have the knowledge and experience you need under one roof, which makes it easy to gain and relay information so you can simply focus on what matters most: shovel ready!

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