What is the Importance of Structural Engineers for New Builds?

Feb 15, 2022 | Blog, Structural Engineering

If you’re in the early stages of development for an upcoming project, you’ve no doubt realized that there are countless details that go into the successful completion of a new build. From designing blueprints that account for structural necessities as well as the inclusion of utilities, and, of course, your desired function, structural engineers provide valuable insight that allows your build to proceed safely and efficiently. The Krahn Group of Companies, in association with Krahn Engineering, is proud to offer leading structural engineering services to clients across Canada and understands just how important it is to partner with a team you know you can trust when it matters most. Below, we’ll explore the role of structural engineers during the build process, as well as the benefits of building with Krahn. Read on to learn more!

Lay the Foundation for Success

Structural engineering plays a pivotal role in your overall development, helping you lay the foundation for the entire project, as well as giving all other involved team members the essential details needed for building. As one of the first parties involved, structural engineers are part of the initial concept design and are involved until the completion of construction. Structural engineers ensure that all components are cohesive, up to code, implemented safely and efficiently communicated using a variety of methods including seismic assessments, retrofits, creating drawings, and more.

While the specific involvement of a structural team will vary from project to project, examples of case-specific roles are as follows:


For new residential builds, structural engineers will take a close look at your lot and review all relevant details to ensure that the home will be able to stand up to the environment and keep residents comfortable. Your engineer will make sure that all components and build instructions meet or exceed relevant building codes and regulations, and integrate various details like slope, existing features, and foundational challenges into the overall design to guarantee a viable final result.

In the case of a remodel, an engineering team will take a look at the existing structure and identify any existing issues, while also evaluating if any structural changes are necessary in order to fulfil your plans. This includes checking if your initial goals would compromise any load-bearing walls, or affect the overall structural stability of the home.


For commercial projects, structural engineers play a key role in ensuring that the final structure is safe, efficient and compliant with all relevant standards. Similar to residential projects, the foundation, slope, and related environmental challenges will be evaluated and comprehensive recommendations will be made accordingly. Commercial developments typically involve the integration of much more complex elements such as varied power sources, utilities access, disposal of waste and more, all of which will involve input from your structural team.

Identifying and Addressing Structural Damage

As mentioned above, one of the main roles of a structural engineer, both on new and redeveloped projects is to assess the structural integrity of any and all involved properties. As your first line of defence against subpar framing, faulty foundations, and the various other problems that can cost you in the future, your structural team is there to ensure the building, and everyone in it, is safe in the long term.

Structural Engineering Services at the Krahn Group of Companies

At Krahn Engineering and Krahn & Associates, we know just how important it is to design buildings with every detail in mind. As a struct.eng. designated team, you can count on our team to provide you with comprehensive evaluations and recommendations that make it easy to build with confidence. From new developments to rezoning and more, Krahn Engineering Ltd. is here to meet your structural engineering needs. Learn more about the benefits of working with our team by contacting us today.