4 Challenges to Overcome for Industrial Builds

Feb 22, 2022 | Blog, Architectural Design, Mechanical Engineering, Project Management, Structural Engineering

Developing new properties within the industrial sector can often pose unique challenges that require extra attention from engineers to ensure a successful build. Partnering with an experienced firm enables a client to overcome obstacles while staying on track to meet deadlines and within budget. At Krahn Group of Companies, we’re proud to offer comprehensive engineering consulting services for civil, mechanical, structural, electrical engineering, and more to help our clients meet their goals.

Working with a cohesive team with multiple disciplines in-house means that you’ll always have the benefit of accessing the resources you need to complete a successful industrial build, including project management you can trust. Our team knows how to account for the many obstacles that come with developing new projects and provides leading expertise that keeps your project on time, and within budget. Below, we’ll explore four common challenges facing industrial engineers and the benefits of working with an experienced team to resolve them. Read on to learn more!

1. Creating A Safe Environment

Underneath all of the aesthetic elements that go into a new build, the goal of any development is to create a safe, sustainable, space that fulfills the main requirements of the intended function. This can be particularly challenging in an industrial environment, where there are staunch requirements and regulations to take into consideration. Working with civil, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers that have a longstanding understanding of industrial applications makes it easy to ensure that you are in alignment with all relevant standards and guidelines.

2. Designing an Efficient Facility

In addition to creating a safe space, your final product needs to function as envisioned, allowing operations to proceed as needed. Partnering with an experienced design team will allow you to confidently overcome any challenges the job site itself may present, as well as supercharge your daily output by carefully crafting the space to your exact needs.

At the Krahn Group of Companies, one of our biggest priorities is ensuring that your property has everything it needs to remain efficient for many years to come. Each of our involved consultants can partner with one another, as well as your team to design the perfect fit. Right from day one.

3. Addressing Structural Issues

When it comes to redevelopment, it’s rare to find a property that is entirely free of structural issues. We strive to ensure structural, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, alongside architects and other consulting parties all come together to identify and resolve any existing problems, as well as plot a construction plan that aims to resolve any challenges that may arise in the future. We work in partnership with existing contractors to ensure cohesion and effective results. At Krahn we’re proud to offer engineering services under one roof, keeping you on track and minimizing confusion in the process.

4. Regulatory Compliance

Finally, in order to complete a successful industrial build, you’ll need to ensure that your building is compliant with all relevant mandates. Everything from safety allowances to venting systems, clearance allowances, and the many details in between, need to be accounted for right from the very start of construction. Partnering with an experienced team gives you the peace of mind of knowing your project will always be compliant with the latest standards, producing a quality final product that’s sure to stand the test of time.

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