New developments are a major undertaking marked by plenty of details, planning, and careful considerations to ensure the success of your project. Partnering with skilled engineering teams makes it easy to navigate the initial planning phases. The Krahn Group of Companies is proud to offer comprehensive consulting services for multiple engineering disciplines including structural, mechanical, electrical, civil and more. For nearly 40 years, we’ve partnered with clients that span multiple industries including the commercial, residential, educational, healthcare, municipal, transportation, industrial sectors, and more.

With 8 distinct branches of engineering, building, interior and landscape design services, and leading project management services all within Krahn’s wheelhouse, we make completing industrial projects simple and hassle-free while protecting our client’s bottom line. Learn more about the benefits of working with Krahn, below.

The Krahn Group of Companies: Your Source For Leading Engineering Consultants

Founded in 1984, the foundation of the Krahn Group of Companies (KGC) is our steadfast vision and commitment to providing market-leading, dependable engineering consultation as well as building support services to our clients. Each of our representatives brings a wide breadth of knowledge and hands on experience in their respective fields, ensuring exceptional performance for our clients. At the Krahn Group of Companies, we believe that you should never have to settle for subpar service, nor feel the need to seek out multiple firms to bring your vision to life. That’s why our team strives to provide cohesive and comprehensive support for your project development, right from start to finish.

The Krahn Group of Companies has offices in Edmonton, Abbotsford, Vancouver, and Toronto, making it easy for companies across Canada reach our team and discover more about our technically innovative and cost-effective solutions. With each of our discipline representatives in close contact with all involved parties, you’ll find that one of the most beneficial aspects of working with a multi-disciplinary firm is the one stop for communication, meaning you don’t have to worry about misunderstandings causing costly delays, making it easier than ever to complete an industrial build safely, on time and within budget.

Industrial Expertise at Your Demand

At KGC, we know that industrial builds often present a unique set of circumstances and challenges that make your build anything but ordinary. That’s why our team members work closely together to make sure you have every base covered, from initial design consultation to securing permits, working with municipal representatives for zoning, and anything else our clients need to complete their project. No matter what you need to get the job done right, our consultants are there to support you through the entire build process and provide reliable advice that keeps you in compliance with all relevant standards, to protect your build for the future to ensure long-lasting success. At KGC, our goal is, and always will be, to all-inclusive assistance that makes project development straightforward and headache-free. From municipal buildings to industrial complexes and more, KGC partners closely with our clients to ensure a final product that you’re just as proud to stand by as we are.

Plan for Success with KGC Today

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