What to Discuss with a Prospective Civil Engineering Firm

Mar 1, 2022 | Civil Engineering, Blog

Choosing the right engineering firm to partner with for your new build is a major part of ensuring a successful build, and a hassle-free process. Civil engineers, in particular, play a significant role in helping you design and execute a foolproof foundation and initial plan that will heavily influence the rest of the construction. At the Krahn Group of Companies, we understand just how important it is to have access to consultants with a vast field of experience and transparency you can count on. In association with our partners at KM Civil Consultants, the Krahn Group is proud to offer leading civil engineering consulting throughout Western Canada. With over 20 years of industry experience, our team partners with clients spanning multiple sectors including both residential and commercial developments.

KM Civil Consultants help you lay the foundation for success by building a strong relationship and base for communication right from day one, ensuring you have the support you need all through the development process. If you’re searching for a civil engineering firm to partner with and are unsure how to know if you’ve found the perfect fit, below are 5 questions/objectives to review when meeting prospective firms. Read on to learn more!

1. The Objective of Your Project

A skilled civil engineering consultant firm knows the value (and necessity) of understanding the full scope and detail of your project. When you first sit down with a firm, be sure to walk them through your plans and overall goals and pay close attention to how they respond. Do they ask clarifying questions that help everyone stay on the same page, or do they seem to rush you through? If you don’t click before the project has even started and communication isn’t on your side from the start, you could be in for a difficult build process. Thankfully, experienced teams like Krahn are here to make this easy.

2. Discussing How the Project Will Fit Into the Surrounding Area

It’s no surprise that one of the most difficult parts of concept design and execution extends beyond the building itself to the integration of your new property into the existing architecture and landscape. Civil engineers play a crucial role in developing such plans and should be able to give a rough idea to how they would work around your direct needs and within all relevant guidelines for both bylaws and space limitations, etc.

3. Budget

Money talks, and if you can’t reach a clear point of communication and understanding where your budget is concerned, you’ve got a significant problem on your hands. The right civil engineering firm will partner with you to find the best fit for your projected spend and maintain open communication where any changes may become necessary.

4. Design Preferences

Architects, civil engineers, interior designers, and landscape engineers all have a part in helping your vision become a reality, but when chatting with a civil firm, you’ll want to ensure they understand the value you place in certain design preferences and act to bring them to life safely and efficiently with their design plans.

5. Project Management

Finally, as the old saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. This is certainly true where civil engineering is concerned and you’ll want to dig deeper to find out what their project management process looks like, how they establish, meet and communicate milestones, how they manage any unexpected delays and everything in between.

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Established in 2010, KM Civil Consultants have offices in Abbotsford, Vancouver, and Edmonton. In association with the Krahn Group of Companies, KM Civil Consultants work collaboratively with your team to find the best approach for your specific needs, providing project management that makes achieving milestones and staying on budget easy. Learn more about the benefits of working with KM Civil Consultants with the Krahn Group by contacting our team today.