Addressing Common Landscape Design Mistakes

Jun 13, 2022 | Blog, Commercial Landscaping

Are you in the early stages of property development and wondering how you can best set your upcoming build-up for success? While you may be inclined to focus on the more overt parts of construction, like civil and structural engineering, landscape design is often one of the more overlooked, but just as important elements of development. With the proper landscape plan in place, you can maximize your space, create a sustainable environment that’s optimized for top performance and longevity, and avoid risks associated with poor planning including liability claims, property damage and more.

At KD Planning & Design, we know the value that landscape architecture and design brings to every project, including safety, comfort and enhanced value. In partnership with the Krahn Group of Companies, we’re pleased to offer industry leading landscape design services across Western Canada, including certified arborist services within the Province of British Columbia. Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common landscape mistakes that can detract from your development. Read on to learn more!

Quality and Experience

One of the predominant causes of landscaping issues on a project, whether it be problems that arise right away or several years in the future can often be traced back to inefficient design and poor project management. Landscaping can, unfortunately, often be seen as an afterthought, leading to rushed plans and poor execution. As with all parts of development, the best protection you can give yourself is partnering with an experienced team of landscape design professionals with the appropriate knowledge and certifications for your specific applications.


As those in Western Canada will know, incorporating proper drainage plans into your overall structural design is essential for safety and success. Long winters and rainy seasons can cause significant issues without the proper allowances for slopes and appropriate building measures for safe drainage are essential for optimal performance to prevent flooding, mud build up, and more.

Pavements and Walkway Materials

Walkways and parking lots are essential parts of ensuring there is safe, viable access to your site, and choosing the right materials is vital for the overall success of your build. Each building site will have unique needs when it comes to walkways depending on their slope, grading and many other factors. In order to stay compliant with regulations pertaining to accessibility and to avoid costly fines or exposure where liability is concerned, your landscape consultant will carefully identify the main needs of your space, as well as the appropriate materials needed to construct dependable walkways that remain accessible all year round.

Plants, Flowers and Trees

Each landscape is unique, and depending on the various specifications of your build site, as well as your intended use of the finished facility, it’s important to make sure that your flora matches up with your plans. Trees, shrubs, flowers and other features not only brighten up your space, but they can contribute to the overall comfort and sustainability of your building as well. While there are plenty of options to choose from, you need to be able to narrow down your selection to what works best for your location both visually, as well as any local specific requirements. For example, while certain trees may make a stunning addition to your property, as they grow their root systems can create significant problems for sewage lines if improperly placed. The end result is a sizeable mess, and headache, that you and your team will spend thousands of dollars dealing with when a landscape architect simply could have advised you otherwise in the first place.


If you think landscape designers are just there to make your space look good, you couldn’t be more wrong! While aesthetics are absolutely a part of the final equation, a qualified landscape consultant will be far more concerned with fundamentals like functionality and sustainability, whether the overall layout of your space directs people where they need to go, and if each component is performing as efficiently as possible.

Overall Aesthetic

We’ve all been in buildings that seem extremely uninviting, largely due in part to their dark, clammy and enclosed vibe. Landscape design plays a key role in making sure your space is as inviting as possible by incorporating both hard and soft features that keep things well lit, easy to navigate, and always welcoming for staff, visitors, and tenants.

Partner with KD Planning & Design

With your landscape setting the tone and playing such a pivotal role in the overall comfort of your space, partnering with the right team of designers is essential. KD Planning & Design is proud to offer exceptional landscape design and arborist services as well as unbeatable customer service and transparency through the entire design process. Learn more about how KD Planning & Design, in partnership with the Krahn Group of Companies can help you transform the landscape of your job site by contacting us today.

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