How to Choose the Best Structural Engineer for Residential or Commercial Projects

Oct 7, 2022 | Blog, Structural Engineering

Choosing a structural engineer to consult on your next project can be challenging. From developing a self-storage facility to planning a private residence, it’s important to have an engineer that listens to your ideas and designs around them. Most importantly, the engineer you choose should be able to deliver on the promises and plans you’ve made together.

It’s this founding belief that governs the Krahn Group of Companies (KGC). We’re aren’t just designing a building – we’re designing your building. Keep reading to learn about some of the key factors for choosing an engineer to oversee your project.


Nothing handles unexpected problems like experience. When choosing engineers to consult on your project, consider how long and how well they’ve performed in the past. Here at KGC, we understand that everyone has to start somewhere, that’s why our newest engineers have the opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by our leadership team through projects, start to finish. Additionally, we have over 40 years of portfolio to review and consult in the rare event of an unforeseen circumstance.


It’s important to also do research on the kind of reviews the engineering services you’re considering have received. Have you heard good things through word-of-mouth? Do their online reviews tend to mention only positive things? These are the sorts of questions you should ask yourself when choosing an engineering consulting service. KGC is proud to have a vast network of previous partners who not only love the work we’ve done, but are willing to vouch for it.

Scope and Range

Depending on the scale of your project, it may be best to entrust it to a firm that’s big enough to properly manage it. While a private residence can be handled by a small start-up and a high-rise might be suited for a large international firm, KGC fits the middle ground. Our size is uniquely situated to tackle smaller scopes with precision and challenge larger projects with our continually growing team. We have extensive experience with projects of all sizes with varying scopes and structural involvement, meaning you can rest easy knowing your development is in the best hands possible.


Finally, there’s nothing more important than knowing that you can trust your structural team to deliver the results they promise. Thanks to the Krahn Group’s longstanding history, multi-disciplinary approach, and integrated development assist services, you can count on our team to keep you covered from start to finish! Our structural engineering designated team provides comprehensive evaluations and recommendations that make it easy to build with confidence.

From new developments to rezoning and more, Krahn Engineering Ltd. is here to meet your structural engineering needs. Learn more about the benefits of working with our team by contacting us today.