Cold Storage Engineering Challenges

Oct 20, 2022 | Architectural Design, Blog

Are you one of the many businesses across Canada contemplating streamlining their operations and reducing external costs by building on-site cold storage facilities? With 2020 introducing an extreme demand for localized storage in order to compensate for rising consumer demand and poor supply chain metrics, more and more businesses across both Western and Eastern Canada are opting to build their own cold-storage facilities on the location where possible.

As one of Canada’s leading teams of engineering consultants, The Krahn Group of Companies (KGC) knows how important it is to partner with the right engineering crew when designing cold storage facilities. KL Tech, our team specializing in cold storage is proud to work with clients spanning multiple industries, as well as offer access to our breadth of services including civil, structural, electrical, and mechanical engineering  and more.

Below, we’ll cover some of the main challenges facing cold storage units and why partnering at the right time is essential for success. Read on to learn more!

Damaged/Poorly Installed Doors

One of the biggest priorities for any cold storage unit is to keep outside elements from entering the structure in order to maintain ideal transportation. The entry point of your unit is one of the most important components in the overall design; your contracting team needs to be to come up with a final product that is as airtight and outside-proof as possible. Doing so will help to guarantee the efficiency and successful performance of the storage facility and allow you to keep products stored as effectively as possible.


Fluctuating outside temperature and people coming and going can very quickly lead to the build-up of condensation within your storage unit, causing significant problems down the line. Skilled engineers are able to design a sufficient cooling system that accounts for the introduction/removal of condensation in refrigerator units to prevent common risks and hazards.


Where standing condensation exists, bacteria often follow. Mould and grime can be a death sentence for your cold storage facility and should be addressed head-on through a proactive design. At KL Tech, we know how important it is to create new facilities and update existing spaces with all current health and safety standards in mind!

Maintaining Consistent Temperatures

Consistent temperatures are essential for avoiding bacterial growth and the risk of spoiling products and/or produce. Cold storage units often have little room for error depending on the contents, so ensuring your finished product is ready to go from day one is vital. KL Tech is proud to work alongside our fellow engineering peers to create flawless cooling systems and units that give you peace of mind and performance you know you can trust for the long term.

Cold Storage Support with the Krahn Group of Companies

The KGC and KL Tech are here to make development easy! From cold storage to major infrastructure, multi-home commercial real estate and everything in between, our integrative “all-in-one” approach to engineering has you covered for the entire development process, step by step. Discover the benefits of trusting a team with over 35 years of experience by contacting us today.

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