Common Civil Engineering Failures

Apr 5, 2023 | Civil Engineering, Blog

Is your next build set up for success? Civil engineering plays one of the most important parts in ensuring that your structure is ready to face the test of time and remains compliant with all relevant codes and standards. At KM Civil Consultants, we know that finding the right civil consultancy is imperative to avoid costly mistakes and serious hazards during construction. As one of Canada’s leading teams of civil engineers, we’re proud to partner with clients in Edmonton, Vancouver, and nationwide to provide you with results you can trust to perform.

Below, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common types of civil engineering failures and discuss why it’s crucial to choose the right team for your development. Read on to learn more!

Functional Failures

Functional failures refer to issues where the structure cannot perform as needed. These failures are less about the materials used and are more often than not, the result of poor analysis or insufficient design components that leave room for inadequate performance or accelerated wear and tear. Examples may include drains being placed improperly, bridges with clearance issues, and other such issues.

Service Failures

Service failures are when the building cannot perform optimally, leading to an inability for core structural features to function as intended. From beams that end up distorting entryways or sites where the design does not properly account for environmental changes caused from day to day operations (the demands of operating machinery, for example), service failures are less about the strength of the structure and more to do with a frame that is too flexible and not stiff enough to resist external stressors.

Material Overload

As the name suggests, material overload occurs when the structure becomes overstressed and breaks down due to the overload. Common culprits include poor design, improper maintenance and an overall lack of foresight when managing operational demand and natural degradation over time. Overloads can be costly to fix and, if significant enough, can heavily damage the structure to the point of temporary (or permanent) shutdowns being necessary.

Avoid Dangerous Failures KM Civil Consultants Today

The good news is with the help of a skilled civil engineering consultancy, many major failures and issues are avoidable. KM Civil Consultants is proud to offer 20 years of industry-leading experience, with offices in Abbotsford, Vancouver and Edmonton. Our clients span multiple industries across Canada and we work alongside our partners at the Krahn Group of Companies (KGC) to provide comprehensive consultive services you can trust. Learn more about the benefits of working with KM Civil Consultants as well as the Krahn Group by contacting our team today.

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