How to Vet Prospective Structural Engineer Consultants

May 19, 2023 | Blog, Structural Engineering

Construction season is underway, and with builders and developers looking to finish current assignments and gear up for future projects, knowing how to select the right build team is essential for laying the right foundation for success in the long term. Structural engineers play an integral role in ensuring that your project has everything you need to move forward confidently, meet industry standards, and enjoy a long-standing product that performs optimally for the long term.

At the Krahn Group of Companies (KGC), we know that finding the right consultant can often be a bit of a frustrating process, and failure to find the best fit can lead to costly delays or subpar results that put you in a tight spot with investors and/or tenants. KGC is proud to offer industry-leading engineering consultants spanning a multitude of disciplines, including structural, mechanical and civil engineering as well as architectural design, landscape design, and more.

Below, we’ll cover some of the core factors to keep in mind when choosing a structural engineering consultant, as well as the benefits of partnering with the Krahn Group of Companies. Read on to learn more!

Experience Counts

As we all know, experience is worth its weight in gold, especially when it comes to ensuring your building is able to put its best “foot” forward. Structural engineering deals with some of the most important elements of the overall construction and design process; to ensure you get the results you need, it is vital to ask what your prospective partner’s breadth of experience and existing portfolio contains. Be sure to clarify whether they have experience dealing with any specific job requirements you need handled (unique job sites, different structural elements, special considerations, etc), and never be afraid to ask for proof when needed. The right team will be more than happy to showcase their work!

With over 40 years of experience and a dedication to mentorship and hands-on education for our team members, you can rest easy knowing that KGC not only has the experience you need to succeed but also has the proven processes and project management capabilities to keep your project on track, every step of the way.

What’s The Word on the Market?

Second to experience, it’s just as important to do some investigative research about a prospective consultant’s industry reputation and client relationships. If a team is consistently recommended both by your contacts, as well as online, that may serve as a solid indication of their overall quality and strength in approach to structural engineering.

While there’s nothing saying you can’t use a newer company, it’s crucial to remember that “cheap” pricing and big promises often hide a lack of knowledge and skill when it comes to delivering. When you partner with a firm that you know is experienced and has a trusted reputation, the peace of mind and quality you’ll get in the long run tends to vastly outweigh any upfront “savings” (which often disappear with revisions and other unanticipated work when dealing with an inexperienced team). KGC is proud to have a vast network of previous partners who not only love the work we’ve done but are willing to vouch for it.

Size, Scope and Range

Every project is unique, and not every structural engineering firm will be prepared to handle the unique ins and outs of your build. If you’re looking at building a large-scale municipal building, multi-residential complex, recreation centre, or something of significant size, you’ll want to make sure your consultant is able to handle the magnitude of the project without falling behind. Conversely, if you’re looking at a smaller, more bespoke build, you’ll want a team that can scale down to adapt as well. With multiple disciplines all serving as collaborators under the KGC umbrella, scaling up or down is easy, meaning we’re ready to take on just about any project you have!

Structural Engineering Services You Can Trust

Finally, experience and reputation, as well as scalability, are all inconsequential if your chosen partner lacks the resources and commitment to deliver on their promises. At KGC, we believe that trust and transparency, as well as accessible communication, is essential to the success of every build. With decades behind our team, we know how important it is to deliver results that don’t just hit the mark, but manage to surprise and delight both investors and future tenants.

Our structural engineering designated team provides comprehensive evaluations and recommendations that make it easy to build with confidence and gives you access to a wide range of industry-leading peers to make sure you’re covered from all angles.

From new developments to rezoning and more, Krahn Engineering Ltd. is here to meet your structural engineering needs. Learn more about the benefits of working with our team by contacting us today.