Commercial Engineering Services

Ready to develop the next game-changing property in the commercial industry? The Krahn Group of Companies is here to help. With over 35 years of experience and offices based in Edmonton, Alberta as well as Abbotsford and Vancouver, BC, and Toronto, Ontario, Krahn is a leading provider of commercial engineering services for clients developing:

  • Residential projects, including multi-unit and multi-family complexes
  • Retail shopping centres and stand-alone boutique shops
  • Office spaces
  • Mixed-used properties
  • Industrial complexes
  • Warehouses, and much more.

Our team offers a unique approach to engineering consultation and has a diverse portfolio of past clients spanning a wide range of industries, giving you the benefit of innovation and experience with every build.

One Group, Full of the Industry’s Leading Minds

What sets the Krahn Group of Companies apart from other engineering consultancies? At Krahn, we know the value of having easy access to the resources you need during development. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with some of the greatest minds across multiple engineering and design disciplines to ensure that you’ll always have the support you need, no matter the scale or scope of your project. Our in house team of consulting professionals includes:

    Structural Engineering

    Building Design

    Civil Engineering

    Mechanical Engineering

    Electrical Engineering

    Landscape Design

    Project Management

    When you partner with the Krahn Group, you get access to everything you need to bring your project from vision to reality, all with the assistance of highly skilled professionals that work closely with each respective team to eliminate confusion, increase efficiency, and help to avoid costly errors that lead to delays. The end result is a product that’s designed to stand the test of time, completed on time, and on budget.

      The Krahn Approach

      In addition to our wide range of services, another aspect that distinguishes Krahn from the fold is our unique approach to project development. With nearly four decades of experience under our belt, our team ensures success through the following principles:


      Key Benefits

      Developer Mindsets

      We share our work environment with all disciplines and collaborate frequently when establishing early designs to make them efficient and affordable


      Navigate the ever-increasing complexity of permit processes and reduce approval times with our team managing specific requirements of each municipality


      We have a well-established understanding of tilt precast, conventional, pre-eng steel, and wood frame technologies by working directly with builders and repeat clients


      Our deep knowledge of jurisdictional processes often provides ancillary benefits such as a greater variety of uses and greater profitability


      Our designers and technologists understand the practical aspects of their work and can determine innovative solutions


      We value the unique needs of our clients and their projects and only offer insights and solutions once we fully grasp the parameters and goals of each project

      Let’s Get Started

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